Recent activities

  • in JUNE 2014 THE FOUNDATION ENTERED INTO a partnership with the NMCP national fight against malaria in Gabon in order to raise awareness and fight against this disease.

  • ​During the summerS, Thirteen SL Foundation organizeS Basketball CampS.  ThEsE campS brING together 35 of the best young players from Gabon.  the young PLAYERS haVE the opportunity TO improve all technical aspects of their game AND benefit from the exposure necessary TO PLAY AT A HIGHER LEVEL BY NBA COACH, BOB MACKINNON (2010).

Thirteen foundation

charitable organization founded by stephane lasme, febrUARY 2010 IN GABON AND JULY 2013 IN THE U.S.

Thirteen’s mission is to make a positive change in the lives of children and youth, uses kids love for sports as a tool to educate in fitness, nutrition and improve academic performance. We pride ourselves on assisting young boys and girls to reach their full potential as they grow to become confident,  passionate, and accomplished leaders.