I Rise Above it

tax exempt Non-profit organization founded by stephane lasme and albert hayle.

IRiseAboveIt believes that we are all born with the innate abilities to go beyond our limitations.  But sometimes, our youth lose their way and lose faith in their natural ability to adapt and overcome adversity.  IRiseAboveIt believes that through educating and reconditioning the mind, we can re-affirm their belief in those abilities. 

IRiseAboveIt utilizes basketball skill development to build unity, develop discipline and most importantly teach young people effective ways to build and improve their basketball skills.  By doing so, it re-affirms in their minds that they can rise above any adversity.

Thirteen foundation

charitable organization founded by stephane lasme, febrUARY 2010 IN Port- Gentil, GABON.

Thirteen’s mission is to make a positive change in the lives of children and youth, uses kids love for sports as a tool to educate in fitness, nutrition and improve academic performance. We pride ourselves on assisting young boys and girls to reach their full potential as they grow to become confident,  passionate, and accomplished leaders.